[Enthought-dev] ANNOUNCE: ETS 2.7.0 released!

Dave Peterson dpeterson at enthought.com
Tue Feb 26 17:39:08 CST 2008

I'm proud to announce that as of a few minutes ago, ETS 2.7.0 was
released by being tagged in our svn repository and having source eggs
(i.e. tarballs) uploaded to the Enthought egg repository at:

In addition, binary eggs have already been built and uploaded for:
	Windows XP i686: ../enstaller/eggs/windows/xp/
	Mac OS X 10.5 x86_64: ../enstaller/eggs/macosx/10.5/

Enthought will build this release on a few more platforms (RHEL flavors) 
and then update the installation and build instructions provided on the 
Enthought wiki at:

In addition, we would be pleased to host binaries built by you for other
platforms -- just ping me to get instructions on how to build
appropriately.  As the install instructions are a wiki, you can also
help to craft them for these other platforms, or help to write up how to
build from source.   Thanks in advance for any help!

-- Dave

(Some of the) CHANGES FROM 2.6.0 to 2.7.0:

  * [Envisage] Fixed numerous examples so that they run again.
  * [Envisage] Changed icons to better match downstream licensing policies.
  * [ETSConfig] Minor change to allow the Envisage refresh code plugin 
to work without raising a traceback.
  * [Kiva] Fixed examples so that they run again.
  * [Mayavi] Significant documentation improvements.
  * [Mayavi] Increased number and reliability of examples.
  * [Mayavi] Enabled Mayavi to run outside of an Envisage app.  It can 
now display also in a Traits UI.
  * [Mayavi] Moved enthought.mayavi.tools.mlab to enthought.mayavi.mlab.
  * [Mayavi] Exposed modules and filters via mlab.
  * [Mayavi] Added full support for tensor visualization.
  * [Mayavi] First cut for new options framework.
  * [Mayavi] Using new API for adding widgets to a scene.
  * [Mayavi] Add the possibility to specify to which scene a source 
should be added.
  * [Mayavi] Remove wxversioncheck that caused problems in too many cases.
  * [Mayavi] Reimplemented VTKFileReader to be a subclass of 
VTKXMLFileReader thus making codebase smaller and more consistent but 
also allowing reading of OpenFOAM data.
  * [Mayavi] Added option to enable/disable the auto updating of ranges 
used in contours.
  * [Mayavi] Numerous bug fixes and other minor enhancements.
  * [PyFace] Fixed full screen TVTK scenes issues.  Full screen should 
also work with VTK 5.0.3.
  * [PyFace] Added new TVTK SceneModel and SceneEditor classes that let 
one embed a scene and manipulate it from within a Traits UI.
  * [PyFace] Added a configure scene button to the TVTK scene widget so 
that users can configure the background and foreground colors, etc.
  * [PyFace] Added a new TVTK SceneEditor that supports actors and 3D 
  * [PyFace] Removed SimpleScene from the standard api.py module since 
it is not commonly used and generates unnecessary warnings.
  * [PyFace] Refactored the TVTK actor_editor and actor_model into 
separate modules to facilitate easier porting to PyFace 3.
  * [PyFace] Fixed splitwidget to work with wxPython 2.8.
  * [Traits] Added an auto_close_message function and corresponding UI 
  * [TVTK] Added support for local VTK classes that a user may have built.
  * [TVTK] First cut at a meaningful README.
  * [TVTK] Fixed bug with DataExtent being treated as a state method.
  * [TVTK] Fixed a problem with unnecessary overloading of certain 
traits and methods.
  * [TVTK] Updated dependencies so that TVTK works with in-development 
versions of Traits 3 and PyFace 3.

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