[Enthought-dev] New ETS - Debian packages

Varun Hiremath varunhiremath at gmail.com
Sat Sep 27 15:03:44 CDT 2008

Hello everybody,

After taking inputs from Prabhu and Gael, I have prepared new debian
packages for the current ETS release. Since there have been many
changes in the source packages, I had to restructure the debian
packages accordingly.

Earlier I had packaged mayavi2, traits and chaco in 4 packages:

1) mayavi2
2) python-enthought-traits
3) python-enthought-traits-ui
4) python-chaco2

This time instead of merging sources from different projects, I have
created separate packages for each of the projects. So, in all I have
the following packages:

1) mayavi2
2) python-apptools
3) python-chaco
4) python-enable
5) python-enthoughtbase
6) python-envisagecore
7) python-envisageplugins
8) python-traits
9) python-traitsbackendwx
10) python-traitsgui

I have uploaded all the packages here:

To install the packages directly, add this line to your sources.list
deb http://newpeople.debian.org/~varun/ ./

The packages should work on both debian and ubuntu. I would appreciate
if you could test the packages and report problems if any.


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