[Enthought-Dev] Canopy on windows7, registry keys missing

Thomas Lecocq thlecocq at msn.com
Tue May 7 05:43:02 CDT 2013

Dear Jonathan, dear all,

The solution is to add the following to the registry keys of windows:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Where xxxxxxxxxx is depending on your machine. To find it, search the registry for "PythonCore", then check the name.  Lines 1->3 should exist, while one needs to create lines 4->8. Change <username> with the proper value.

This solves the binary.exe installation stuff, but I had to manually add 
to a new PYTHONPATH environment variable in order to be able to install my own modules there. Ok, maybe with all that User/System/Canopy trio, I could install them in User/Lib/site-packages/ ... but I did not think about it immediately, + it rapidly becomes a mess between the installed modules and "my" modules.

When I double-click (executes) a python file, it opens in Canopy... On all my previous installs, this was executing the file using python.exe, so, I tried now to run it (windows: open with, C:\\Users\\<username>\\AppData\\Enthough\\Canopy\\System\\python.exe), which fails... probably because of library issues (says "no module named matplotlib" and closes) ? 

I, for example, needed to install the, again missing, pyparsing package, so I tried to easy_install it from the console. This triggers the opening of an administrator authorization stuff, then gets pyparsing in another window, visibly installs it somewhere and returns. Then, pyparsing is not available in import. Solution: not use easy_install and get the source, then python setup.py install it... Great...

I have to say, it's really not-so-fun... I used to say to anyone "why don't you install EPD instead of [multiple choice here]?", but now, pfff... I need to get more experience on that before starting to advert for Canopy... :-s The virtual environment stuff might be great for some, but even for the non-beginners (like me), it looks like a pain...

Regards from Brussels,


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Hi Thom, this is a recognized shortcoming which we intend to address, though it is not at the head of our queue.
If you do it yourself now, note that you should specify not the directory of the base Python environment), nor of the System Python virtual environment, but rather of the User Python virtual environment. These are described here:


As you can see, this makes the configuration a bit tricky, sensitive to how the user wishes to use these (or other) virtual environments.
Please let us know how it goes.


On Fri, May 3, 2013 at 7:56 AM, Thomas Lecocq <thlecocq at msn.com> wrote:

Hi all,

first install of the Canopy environment, good job guys! It looks great !

The path to python 2.7 installation directory is not properly defined in the windows registry, which prevents the installation of packages that come as exe installers. Is it a choice (like linked to the "per user" install) or a bug ?

Although I can do it by myself, if you could provide a patch, that would be usefull to many,



Dr Thomas Lecocq 
Royal Observatory of Belgium

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